Bharata Natyam: One of the seven main classical styles and the oldest in
origin in India, Bharata Natyam developed from ritualistic dances performed in the
past as offerings to the deities of Hindu temples. The name Bharata Natyam is derived
from the basic concepts: Bhava (Facial Expression); Raga (Melody); Tala (Rhythm);
Natyam (Dance). This dance form is an embodiment of beauty, grace and statuesque
poses. Bharata Natyam integrates three aspects of dance: Nritta, Nritya, and Natya.
This ancient yet popular dance form allows the dancer to develop discipline, strength,
and technique.

Folk Dances: From Kashmiri folk dances and Bhangra of North India to Bengali
folklore from East India to Garba/Raas and Lavni and Lezim from West India to Southern
folklore Aradhana students are taught various folk dances.

Bollywood: Extremely popular among the global audiences today, this dance
style is a mixing of Bollywood music with the trendiest dance moves around. Aradhana’s
original choreography with exclusive costumes makes it fun for the students to learn
and perform dance steps to their favorite Bollywood Hits.

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